Dreams and Reality

Watching a horror flick before sleeping hasn’t been one of my wisest moves. I ended up having some really strange dreams. The kind of dreams where you wake up thinking god that was weird but can’t remember what the dream was about.

On the upside one of my main characters decided to introduce himself (yes in the dream, not real life!). I was shocked to realise he had blond hair instead of the black I had envisioned him with.

So, how did I know it was him? Although he wasn’t what I had imagined when I first created him, he had the same mannerisms and attitude. That I don’t give a damn what people think of me swagger and the full back tattoo gave him away.

Now I face the decision of going back and changing his appearance in the story. Does his appearance really matter or can I leave him as dark haired?

I know he doesn’t care what colour hair he has. But now that I have a firmer grasp of his character I don’t want to push my ideas of what I think he should be. Characters need to be true to themselves in stories otherwise it comes across as fake. Writers who try to mold their characters into what they need for the purpose of that story, usually end up with a story that isn’t as good as it could have been.

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