The Novel

I’m excited about working on my first novel manuscript again. I put the finished draft in a draw for a year so that I could edit it with fresh eyes. The reason for doing this is simple, you have images of what the story is meant to be in your head, your readers don’t. Which means what you see on the paper may be different from what your readers see.

The first step was to re-read the manuscript and my notes, getting to know my characters again. The second step will be filling in the holes. By this I mean transitions needed to make the flow from scene to scene smoother or scenes that have been skipped altogether.

Last night I was writing the scene where Reba and Samantha first meet and become allies. This scene is important because it shows why the two girls become friends and what their powers can do. I’m not sure if I will include it in the novel manuscript because it may show too much. If it does make its way into the manuscript it may be as a flashback only.

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