Motivation is all about getting started, but it is also about continuing and finishing what you start. Unfinished writing is less obvious than a half-done paint job because you can always file it away or hide it in a draw. This is the trap some writers fall into.

A new idea comes along and the old idea has lost its sparkle. Its why even as I write this blog, I am editing myself. The idea for this blog has become something larger in my mind and if I write too much about it here, I may not be able publish it elsewhere.

It truly is a thin line that every writer treads.

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One Response to Motivation

  1. dvkonline says:

    You know- the last 10% of the job is the toughest. Its when complacency sets in, your tired of struggling. The end is near yet not really. You need the same level of motivation here as you did in the beginning, if you want to keep the curve steady or rising. You are absolutely right!

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