Short Story

I finished writing a short story a few days ago.

What I enjoyed most about the process was how quick it was when compared to my novel manuscripts. I already had the idea for the story, so it was a matter of doing my character profiles, writing a draft and then writing a second draft which was completed within a week.

When I start writing a story I don’t have a fully outlined plot. I like the adventure of having the characters’ decisions influence the story. Which is why at the very least a second draft is always needed. I need to go back to where those choices have been made and make sure that the story doesn’t jump from one storyline to another.

The second draft is also where I check for errors. Things like making sure names, hair and eye colour of the characters are consistent. Pet words are another thing I edit out, by this I mean any word that crops up throughout your manuscript consistently. Example: consistent. 🙂

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    Hi there. Thought you might be interested in this: . Cheers, JK

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