Idea Folder

I did have another blog planned for tonight but I think this one should come first.

It is more of an explanation of what my idea folder is. Okay, so I’ll tell the hard truth; my idea folder has spilled out to a couple of idea folders and likely weighs more than a brick. It is a series of manila folders that hold loose sheets of paper with ideas written on them. Some of the ideas are only a sentence long and other run into pages of material.

Some writers keep all of these on their computer in an electronic version of the idea folder, personally I find rummaging through the ideas and reading them all kick-starts my imagination. I don’t get the same feeling of excitement from going through my files on the computer.

What else can you shove into the folder to get your imagination working for you? Anything you want. Maps, drawings, dreams, poems, pictures, anything that makes you think. Of course you don’t need to stick to the format of a folder; this is about what works best for you as a writer.

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