Idea to Story

I’ve had quite a few people ask where and how I find my ideas. For me it’s not finding the ideas so much as keeping them until they find the right piece of writing to belong to.

            One of my short stories that I finished the first draft on just this year was from an idea that I had very early on in my writing. The original idea was just a few paragraphs long and focused on the main characteristics of the lead character who happened to be a vampire.

            So how did the idea change into a story? I was going through my idea folder (where I put all my unfinished story ideas) searching for inspiration and found those few paragraphs. The idea started to grow and change as it developed itself in my mind. Putting it down on paper and extending the idea into a story was helped by having a deadline to work towards.

            Even though this story has passed the first draft stage I am still trying to decide which character’s point of view it should be in.

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