Writing List

Sometimes the writing doesn’t come easily, for me tonight is one of those nights. Not to mention that the space bar keeps sticking. Yes, it’s extremely annoying and my patience is not good tonight, but no I haven’t yet thrown the keyboard out the window. Although that option is creeping up fast on my list.

What am I writing? I’ve finished my Drama Screenwriting course so I have no assignments due. In fact I’m not planning on taking another unit until after November. Plenty of time to do what I want, but first I need to find out what it is that I want to work on.

Here are my options:

I need to edit and re-write my first novel.

I want to expand a couple of my short stories into novels. One, an off-planet sci-fi didn’t work as a short story because I was trying to cram everything in and didn’t have the room I needed. At eight thousand words it felt like I was rushing through the story.

I also want to write a prequel to my first novel but I’m still thinking on that one. It seems to me that the prequel would be a short story instead of a novel. I already have one short story written on another character so if the prequel on my main character is a short story as well, this might work. Not from a novel prospective but as a collection of short stories.

Sometimes writing one thing (like a list of what you can work on) can help you write something else.

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2 Responses to Writing List

  1. Kev Webb says:

    Hey Kelly I’d like you to look at a manuscript of my latest work as I would love to see a screenplay of it as well as the book. Just let me know if your interested or not thanks.

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