Lost File

This post was meant to go up on 29/3/2010 but the internet and I have been duking it out and so far the internet has been winning. Today I win and the post goes up.  🙂

I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning and re-organising my writing space. It wasn’t what I found that surprised me; it was what I didn’t find.

I was missing a complete file on one of novels. A file contains character profiles of each and every character in the story, the original idea – usually scribbled on some piece of paper, a synopsis and a hard copy of the manuscript – this story had an in-depth outline of over twenty pages and a first draft of the novel in process. The outline, first draft and synopsis I was able to print out again. I was lucky enough to find the original idea but my character profiles appear to be long gone and I’ll need to redo them from scratch.

It just happened to be a Sci-fi set on a different planet. Off world stories are always more in depth for notes because you need to know the world you are creating well enough to make it exist for your readers. This weekend I’ll be creating a new world from the pieces I can remember and new details I have to add to make it believable. Maybe after I’m finished I’ll find the original file.

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