Inner Worlds

I always enjoy getting together with other writers and talking about our favourite subject – writing. Yesterday I was having one of these discussions and it turned to a discussion about the alternate world we escape to when we are writing. Some people might call this selective deafness. 🙂

            This alternate world seems to resemble our writing styles. I don’t know if that is the same of every writer, but I do know that it’s true of myself. The inner world for me is a place of shadows, mystery and dangerous beauty. If you follow a brightly coloured butterfly beware that it isn’t leading you into the wolves’ den.

            The current story I am working on is about shape shifters and I am having fun creating this story. Although I still need to do more research on certain aspects of the setting I’m leaving this until after I have finished the first draft completely.

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One Response to Inner Worlds

  1. Kev Webb says:

    I just love losing myself in the worlds of my own creation. Don’t bore me in conversations or you’ve lost me, I think this would have to be true of at least all fiction writers.

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