My Novel Manuscript – Shallishee Storm

I have made a few decisions regarding my novel manuscript Shallishee Storm, one of those decisions was to get rid of the prologue that I loved. This has helped me envision a way of moving forward after coming to a standstill on the manuscript, it also means I have re-write my first seven chapters.

One of my friends has reminded me that all the experts advise against this – as sometimes you get so stuck on making those first chapters perfect that you never finish the manuscript. It’s a good warning, but in a first draft I never aim for perfection. I know if I don’t re-write those chapters including the new information I need, I won’t be able to embrace the story and write it as it should be told.

The other decision was more of a promise to myself – to have a complete first draft manuscript by 01/06/2011. It means I would have to write 220 words a day, a little bit less than one A4 page. I know it can be done and I expect to have it completed before the deadline comes around. Why bother with the deadline then? Because it’s a great motivator and ensures I will be working on Shallishee Storm every day until I get to my minimum word count. If I go over the word count it brings me that one step closer to my goal finishing point – writing The End.

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11 Responses to My Novel Manuscript – Shallishee Storm

  1. Congrats Kelly,
    With your decision and your determination to complete the first draft. All the best … Karen :))

  2. Kelly, I love the name of your story! Good luck with your aim to get those 220 words down each day. You’ll ace it!

  3. Kev Webb says:

    These are just other peoples opinions about revision, they are not rules or laws. You do what you have to do to get it finished Kel. You know yourself better than anybody else does.

    • Kelly Hart says:

      Hi Kev,

      Thank you for the encouragement. It is always great to have support.

      Bye for now,

  4. Anthony P says:

    Kelly this is great!

    The act of writing this very post and opening to the public for commenting is a great way to help with creating your own accountability.

    Get the MS where you are happy to move forward with, absolutely! If your not loving writing it, how can you expect to produce the end product you really desire? Don’t be too precious with hitting a specific word count. If you fall just under it but the story is tight, hole free, flows well, then that’s a great place to be.

    A toast! to your new story reboot and your writing venture ahead!

    • Kelly Hart says:

      Hi Anthony,

      I promise not to be too precious about being over my word count. However being under my word count could be different. 🙂

      A toast to all well written, smooth flowing stories!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

  5. AJ says:

    Hey Kel,

    Do what you must to get your flow back again. If it means re-writing the first 7 chapters, then ensure that you keep the flow going beyond them. If you find yourself going back again, you will end up in the cycle you are trying to avoid.

    Keep it up!

    I assume 220 words is double spaced on an A4 sheet. How much time do you spend writing each day? Just out of interest…

    AJ 🙂

    • Kelly Hart says:

      Hi AJ,

      Each day I spend at least an hour writing, not all on my novel manuscripts – sometimes this time is spent on my blog and website or other writing projects.
      All my work gets done in Standard Submission Format from the very beginning – double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, on A4 paper, indentations for dialogue and new paragraphs. I find this saves me frustration later on.
      Of course if I am sending it in for submission I check the guidelines to make sure that what I have matches what the publisher wants in formatting.

      Thanks for reading my blog.

  6. Jenny Sharp says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I love the way you are using your intuition to keep the creativity flowing. By following your instincts and believing in yourself you can’t go wrong. And yes, deadlines are a great motivator!

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