Talking Blogs

I have spent a lot of time in the last month going through information on how to set up and improve your blog. Even though I have been blogging for over a year I wanted to refresh my memory before today’s meeting of the Blank Pages writing group where I explained how they could set up their own blog or improve their existing one.

I really enjoyed the experience and found it rewarding because it made me brush up on my blogging skills and was a chance to share what I have learnt. And although I have learnt much I know that there is still more to discover.

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2 Responses to Talking Blogs

  1. Kelly Hart says:

    Hi Morph,
    Glad you found my website by accident and enjoyed it.

  2. MORPH says:

    Hi! I stumbled on this site while I was searching some health and wellness related terms in google earlier today. Stuck around a lttle bit to take a look around and browse a few of your articles… insightful stuff. I’ll be sure to come back down the road some time and catch up.

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