Script Tease

I have been considering posting some of my work on the internet for people to read and get some idea of what I write. The piece I was thinking about putting up is a short script based on one of my short stories – which is in turn based on one of the characters in my vampire novel manuscript.

The reason I’m posting the script instead of the short story is that I still hope to find a market for the short story whereas I know I’m not searching for a market for the film script. Now I’m not going to give too much information away here as I’m hoping you will read the script and then tell me which character you think makes it into the novel and why you think that? If you have read part of the novel manuscript in question that makes you invalid for the discussion as you have an unfair advantage. 🙂

I will be posting the script Sunday night so keep an eye out for updates!

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2 Responses to Script Tease

  1. Hi Kelly, Love the look of your new website and the clever title of your BLOG…Karen :))

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