Futher Study?

Lately I have been considering my options for university and I have decided to do the mature thing and finish the certificate I have started even if it means that I pull out all my hair in pure frustration. You may think I am exaggerating but the truth is I’m being polite in not saying what I really think.

I started uni in 2006 my first unit was fantastic and I had expectations that the others would be just as professional. How wrong could I be? My second unit was with a different university and I was so disappointed in their lack of standards that I didn’t return to that particular uni for three years. I avoided it until I could put it off no longer. My next unit with them was worse and confirmed my fears it wasn’t just a bad one-off experience. Other students sharing the unit were having the same problems I was.

The other universities I have studied with have been fantastic and I can’t say enough about them but I’m dreading my next two units because I know this uni hasn’t sorted themselves out and I know problems should be expected.

I hope I’m wrong and that the problems will be rectified by the time I start my next unit. I guess I will find out soon enough.

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2 Responses to Futher Study?

  1. Anniko Kevin says:

    I, too, have experienced dissatisfaction with a TAFE course I’ve finally completed. (It took eight years…because I’d get fed up and leave…then return a couple of years later…when the program had changed, yet again!) I managed to finally obtain Certificate IV in Visual Arts…but it was a struggle! I’ve decided not to go any further with my studies.

    • Kelly Hart says:

      Hi Anniko,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you stuck to your guns and finished your course even though they kept changing the program on you. Did you do the course through distance study or on campus?

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