Fingers Crossed

It’s funny how a simple phone call can end up changing your plans for the future. I had intended to do another two units to complete a university certificate in General Studies, but have since been informed that even though I followed the advice given to me by a student adviser that it was the wrong information.

So even if I do complete another two units it wouldn’t add up to a certificate. Their solution to my problem was to complete a Diploma and take more units to make up the major I needed. I have a few problems with this, number one would be more units with a university I have had previous problems with. Number two is the lack of options in my field – I have already done the units I thought had any relevance to me. Number three is the expense – not just the money, but the time involved as well. I like study but I have no plans to carry on doing it until retirement age. ๐Ÿ™‚

My solution to my problem is to fast forward my plans. I always intended to apply for a Postgraduate position in writing after I got my certificate. You’re asking how I intend to get in without following the normal channels of doing a Diploma? Prior Recognition of Learning – I have been writing since I was seventeen. In those years I have attended workshops, master classes, panels and I’m hoping that this will help get me over the line into the writing program. Fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Fingers Crossed

  1. Kev Webb says:

    Good luck Kel. Fingers crossed for you.

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