I’m Back.

Where did I get to? I went over to America for two weeks which was fantastic and if you get the chance definitely check out Las Vegas. However be sure to avoid Elvis impersonators as they seem to be a little too friendly – if you catch my drift.

We went to Disneyland, went on rides and looked around. If you are a Queenslander imagine Dreamworld ten times bigger and that was only half of the place. We also visited Universal Studios in Hollywood, out of the two theme parks I would have to say I enjoyed this one more because it’s focussed on an adult audience instead of children. I’m sure the half of Disneyland we didn’t visit was more teenage and adult focussed  but we didn’t have time to check it out. Shopping was on the agenda next!

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2 Responses to I’m Back.

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Welcome home now. Glad you had a fantastic holiday and were able to reflect and learn upon it. Did you have any time for writing or research when you were away?
    … Cheers, Karen :))

    • Kelly Hart says:

      Hi Karen,
      It was a great holiday, but I’m also glad to be back in Australia. I was planning to write while I was on the thirteen hour flights but travel sickness really put a stop on that idea. It was a long flight. LOL.

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