Sharing Fiji

It would hardly be fair of me to go on a trip to Fiji and get back without sharing my experience of the place. I have to say it would be one of the best holidays I have ever been on.

We stayed on Treasure Island and every morning the first thing we saw outside was the gorgeous ocean. The water was so clear that when we went kayaking over to another island we could see the fish swimming underneath and the snorkeling was amazing.

The staff on the island were welcoming and friendly and always said ‘Bula’ the Fijian word for hello first.

To sum up my experience in Fiji on Treasure Island I’m going to show you another photo. Yes people, this is a photo, not a post card! Enjoy!

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One Response to Sharing Fiji

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I enjoyed reading your gorgeous description of your holiday and viewing your breathtaking holiday snapshots here and on Facebook. Your get-away was well-deserved with all the studying your doing… Karen :))

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