Scene Mapping

What is Scene Mapping? The simple explanation is that it’s a quick outline of each scene within each chapter. Once you have all of these scenes written down you can look back over your novel and decide whether you have any repetitions, if your proportions are out or you might pick up other issues that need sorting.

It’s a map to help pin point the structural problems of your manuscript, but it is always down to the writer to correct the issues. With repetitions you need to decide what to keep or if to rewrite it so that it isn’t repetitive. Proportion is a more difficult issue, it can be a proportion issue for a character, dialogue, narrative, etc. You need to decide what is wrong with the proportion – do you have too much? Not enough? Then you need to decide how to fix it, which is a whole other problem.

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One Response to Scene Mapping

  1. hi Kelly,
    I LOVED learning how to do Scene maps when I did YOE with my crime book SAYONARA.
    I was able to transfer those skills to my other stories too.
    Best wishes for the rest of your course.

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