Hi, my name is Kelly and I was born in Brisbane and have lived in Queensland ever since. I was the first Australian in an all English family and managed to pick up a thick English accent (or so my friends tell me).  I work full time as a data entry clerk and  my spare time is used for writing, exercising and going out with friends and family.

I discovered I wanted to write when I was in high school. My two best friends and I were sitting around at lunch time bored when one of us came up with the great idea of writing a novel. We decided straight away that it had to be a horror story – well, we wanted to kill off a lot of characters! What other genre can you do that in? It was set in a high school with students being killed in gruesome ways. We had so much fun planning it, that it never got past the planning stage. But it made me realize that writing was what I wanted to do.

Since then I have written short stories and completed a speculative fiction novel manuscript. I have already started writing my second novel even as I re-write and edit my first one.

I have had a piece of an article published in the Writing Queensland magazine and in 2006 I won a placement in a series of workshops with Louise Cusack in the competition Calling All Writers. I have also taken part in the SLF Mentorship program via a mailing list.

Along with four other writers I help make up a critique group called the Water Treaders – we correspond weekly via email and get together once every month socially to discuss and critique our writing.